Craft – Dot & isometric grid notebooks

Waving farewell to the continuity of lines in favor of an oddly satisfying more-than-minimal dot grid. Why? Because it’s more than enough and because I can do those fancy designer sketchbooks myself. Also did an isometric grid version, because why not.
All in all, happy with the product, keen on improving it and working on getting a budget-friendly dot grid notepad out there. Made for designers of all kinds and people with lots of ideas.

• 80 sheets of manually arranged dots, printed on both sides (spared no expense);
• hardcover and metallic spiral to keep all that fine wood fiber chaos in order;
• cool name, elegant design, nice little motivational quote on the back. Yes, it has it all.
In all seriousness, feel free to reach out if this tickles your ball point pen and you want to prove you need no more that mere dots to make your ideas tangible.